GRUPARA Ventures Have Supported These Cool Startups

What We Do

GRUPARA VENTURES. is interested to invest in cool startups that have potential, bring wide positive impact, and are able to be marketed globally. We believe that entrepreneurship & value creation, especially in digital tech industry, can help to build a better future. And we want to be part of it!

What is Grupara's Investment Focus?
We invests in early stage tech startup companies
(Seed & Series A investments).

Venturing Indonesia With The World

We are stylish in doing our work; we embrace fresh ideas, creativity, and innovation.

We invest in any kind of digital tech startup, but these categories often come up on our plate:

Food Tech & Service
Financial Tech
On Demand Business
Daily Need Service
Consumer Product

Not Only You, We Also Love Growth!

We are a group of enthusiastic people who are willing to help our portfolio startups to grow. In addition to providing funding, we also provide access to mentorship, advisory, network, and business support
Our mentors network are experienced in marketing, management, finance & investments, IT advisory & technical, entrepreneurship, and others: you name it.
Because we believe in equality: we grow, you grow a lot more.



To give you an idea, these are what we have to offer:


Advisory board & mentors
Follow on investments
Access to angel investors or venture capital
Links to strategic partners
Help with presentation skills
Office space
Marketing inputs
Networking activities
Help with business basics

Grupara Ventures Delivers Through Our Programs

Institutions We Have Co-invested And Work Together

Angels We Have Co-invested And Work Together

Mari Elka Pangestu
Former Minister of Trade of Indonesia
Justin Kan
Fajar Budiprasetyo
CTO & Co-Founder, HappyFresh
Bunga Citra Lestari
Ashraf Sinclair
Andy Zain
Managing Partner, Kejora Ventures

Some Of Our Mentors At Wellspaces

Nadiem Makarim
Founder & CEO , Gojek
Achmad Zaky
Founder & CEO, Bukalapak
Khailee Ng
Managing Partner, 500 Startups
Sandiago Uno
Founding Partner, Saratoga Capital
Andrew Darwis
Founder & CTO, Kaskus
Andreas Ehn
CTO, Spotify


I got to know Aryo in 2013 when he became investor in my company. Aryo is a very hands-on, resourceful and knowledgable character who always wants to understand how he can help and support everyone - not only founders - in the startup ecosystem

Christian Sutardi
COO & Co-Founder, Fabelio

Sebagai VC Aryo Ariotedjo memberikan pandangan yang quite fresh yet up to date tentang strategi dan tren tech communities. Selain itu knowledge nya soal metric what to measure is really helpful. And also aryo really has an awesome network to everyone, everywhere

Ilham Syafrialdi
COO & Co-Founder, Maskoolin

Aryo Ariotedjo itu orang yg sangat passionate di dunia bisnis digital. Sangat up-to-date ttg segala sesuatu yg terjadi di industri ini. Kekuatan terbesar Aryo adalah dia memiliki komunikasi yg baik dan kedekatan personal dengan berbagai pihak di industri ini. Memiliki perspektif yg baik sebagai entrepreneur dan VC.

Hanindia Narendrata
CMO & Co-Founder, Telunjuk

Aryo Ariotedjo is one the leading connectors in the startup ecosystem in Indonesia and one of the hardest working investors. The way he supports the founders he invests in, in opening doors to other co-investors and in business development, is remarkable. He will make things happen, that other's won't

Stefan Jung
Managing Partner, Venturra

Meet The Team

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Wanna know cool stuffs happening at Grupara ?

Got A Cool Startup You Are Working On ?
Come Talk With Us

  1. Founders background and experiences
  2. What is your product? How can it help? Who does it help? and how big is the market?
  3. Direct or Similar Competitor analysis? How are you different and better?
  4. Which market are you on? and where to go in the future?
  5. How much money are you raising? and for how many % of equity?